Gimme your credit card! (iZettle)

You might have heard about Square, which makes your mobile phone a credit  card terminal. Now there is a Scandinavian alternative, iZettle.

The difference here is that while Square reads credit cards by swiping the magnetic stripe on the card, iZettle works with the EMV smart-cards that are now required with most banks etc. at least here in Finland. Since it’s free, I decided to sign up and got the card dongle couple of days ago (for free, no less). You can check out how the thing looks like in Flickr.

Now that I have this awesome way of accepting credit card payments, the next question is of course what should I do with that? I am not selling any goods or services at the moment. Another thing I am wondering is the trust aspect. Would you put your credit card into _my_ device? I wouldn’t.

As an advocate of openness, I started also thinking are there any ways to add this kind of possibility with open parts?