About Jukka

Hi, I am Jukka and this is my site.

Story so far.. I realized few years back that I have a nice domain of my own (jukka.com) and decided to set up a web site for that, which is this “blog”. In early 2014 I got an offer I couldn’t resist (to sell jukka.com), so I moved this site to my new domain (jukka.pro). As the title says this blog should act as a n”overflow” place when a tweet is just not enough. As you can see I have not had anything longer to say in a while, let’s see about future. In the meanwhile do follow me via @jukkaeklund.

I am writing about topics that happen to interest me in the world of technology, software, products, open source and whatnot.

I am currently employed by Sofia Digital, and serve as advisor for Jolla and consult other projects and teams too. I am one of the founding members of Devaamo, and co-founder of MobileMonday Tampere. You can find out even more about me via eg. LinkedIn. If you want to email me, you should be able to guess the right address 😉

Photo by Carol Chen.